3.6 training and development

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  • 3.6
    • on the job training: on site training, first hand in the working environment.
      • adv: specific to work, saves on travel cost, worker produces something, business can teach exactly how they work
      • disadv: may not be good enough quality, bad trainers, worker is limited in methods they learn, worker might not obtain a qualification, not easy to train a group of tainees.
    • off the job training: lectures, role play or simulation, reading and reflecting online, demonstrations, team building activities
      • adv: given by experts, trainee may be motivated away from work, worker feels valued from business paying, some training like safety is best carried out by experts.
      • disadv: can be expensive, business loses output from temporary loss of worker, improving skills of a worker could make them easier to lose.
    • staff development: learning over time
      • apprenticeship, long term learning programme, usually leads to a qualification, develops skills, available at levels, development programme is completed half in school and half in workplace
      • professional development programme, long term programmes often 2+ years, may lead to pro qualification, contributes to persons general education and develops skills sets, professional development
      • benefits to employees: staff can receive promotion as a result of development, staff paid whilst developing new skills, gain a qualification
      • benefits to business: overcome staff shortage and skill shortage, can motivate workers, improve staff retention, can help to meet future staffing needs.


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