Edexcel 3.4 Religion and community cohesion (2)

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  • 3.4 Religion and community cohesion (2)
    • The role of women in religion
      • Traditional protestant view
        • Women should not be allowed to speak in church or hold any position of importance within a Parish community
        • Many evangelical protestants teach that men and women have separate and different roles and so cannot have equal rights
        • Why do traditional protestants have this view?
          • St Paul uses the story of the creation to prove that men have been given more rights by god because Adam was created by Eve
          • It has always been a strong tradition in the church to have male leaders
          • Although Jesus had many female followers, all of the disciples were men
          • In the Bible, St Paul teaches that women shouldn't speak in church
      • Modern protestant view
        • Women can speak in church and hold positions of importance
        • The liberal view is far more relaxed than either the Catholic or evangelical
        • Many protestant churches give men and women equal rights
        • Why do liberal protestants hold this view?
          • The creation story in Genesis says that God created Adam and Eve at the same time, giving them equality
          • In some of his letters, Paul teaches that men and women are equal in Christ
          • There is evidence in some gospels that Jesus treated women as his equals
          • Jesus had female followers who remained with him at the cross, unlike the male apostles who ran away
          • Jesus first appeared to women after his resurrection
      • Catholic view
        • Only men can hold positions of importance within the church
        • In society, all men and women should be treated as equals, whether it be at home or at work
        • The Catholic view is not as strict as the evangelical view, but far stricter than the liberal view
        • Why do Catholics have this view?
          • The catechism of the church teaches that men and women are equal
          • The creation story in Genesis says that God created Adam and Eve at the same time, giving them equality
          • Only men can be priests because all of Jesus' apostles were men
    • Problems caused by discrimination and racism
      • Racially prejudiced employers won't give certain jobs to certain ethnic groups
      • If teachers are prejudiced against certain ethnicities they might discriminate against them in their work
      • Prejudiced police officers are likely to discriminate against certain people in crimes
      • Prejudiced landlords might refuse certain ethnic groups accomodation
      • The effects of discrimination and racism
        • Some politicians believe that young black people may find it hard to find jobs
        • Some politicians believe that young Muslims are turning to Islamic extremist groups because they feel they have no chance of success in a prejudiced society
        • If certain groups feel targeted, they may start to work against society
    • Benefits of living in a multi-ethnic society
      • People from different ethnic groups will know more about each other and their lives, customs and cultures
      • Life is more interesting with a wider variety of food, music, fashion and entertainment
      • More progress will be made in a multi-ethnic society because new people will bring new ideas and opinions
      • A multi-ethnic society helps people to live and work in a world of multi-national companies and economic interdependence
    • Government action to promote community cohesion
      • The race relations act makes it unlawful to discriminate against anyone because of their race or nationality or to stir up racial hatred
      • Passing the crime and disorder act which allows more severe punishment for racially motivated crime
      • Passing the racial or religious hatred act which makes it an offence to use threatening words about religious beliefs
      • Establishing the equality of human rights commission which promotes equality of human rights for all
    • How attitudes to the roles of men and women have changed
      • In the world wars, women took on the men's jobs
      • In 1975, the sex discrimination act made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender
      • Between 1882 and 1975, women gained the rights to keep their property separate from their husband's, vote in elections, become councillors and receive the same pay as men
      • Why attitudes have changed
        • The work of the suffragette movement showed that women were no-longer prepared to be treated like second-class citizens
        • The UN declaration of human rights act and the development of the feminist movement meant equal rights were given
        • Social and industrial developments required more female workers


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