3.4 pilgrimage of grace

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  • The pilgrimage of grace 1536
    • the Lincolnshire rising -oct
      • motives
        • rebelling against evil councillors
        • 1534 subsidy
        • religious changes
        • causes
          • bad harvests in 1535
          • The pressure of population growth was causing unemployment – population rose 15% in this decade
          • The Subsidy was being collected – many opposed it because they felt an aggressive war with France was none of their business
      • events
        • arrival of bishop of lincons officer at louth
          • paranoid about dissolusment
        • 3000 met at louth- GOV commissar force to flee
        • Oct 9th- chancellor killed and demands drawn up
          • marched to Lincoln
            • 10,000- inc gentry and nobility
              • suffolk pursuaded them to go home
      • aims
        • end to taxes in peace time, subsidy and statue of uses
          • louth manifesto
      • supporters
        • leader= nicholas melton
      • Threat level
        • High (despite the ridiculously low death-toll, see below). An estimated 50,000 rebels in total, across a broad swathe of northern England. Some demands were met. But the risings were not co-ordinated or simultaneous, and there was never any intention to overthrow the king. This was a loyal rebellion
        • low- put down swifty and the gentry support was half hearted and was loyal to the king
    • rising in yorkshire
      • events
        • oct 10th- beagn rose east
          • 16th OCT- 10,000 took over york and aske issued peaceful proclamation
            • OCT 19- captured port of hull and pontedfract castle
              • 23-24-D of N army met with the 30,000 rebels (only had 8000)
                • 27th pontefractarticles
                  • 24 articles
                    • 3 were economic
                    • 6 were admisistertive
                    • 6 were political
                    • 9 were religious
                  • issued to the king in NOV and truce called
      • supporters
        • was wide form across the noth
        • lord latimer, christopher derby and laywer robert bolwes
        • 6 aborts and 38 monks
      • robert aske
      • results
        • Hviii wanted to refuse all demands but DofN told him to issue a general pardon
        • rumors that the king would not keep his promises
          • jan = BIGODS  rising
            • francisis bigod and john hallam captured beberly
              • only a few 100
              • put down by darce  on 16th feb
                • GAVE AN EXCUSE TO PUNISH
      • Henrys response
        • Aske and Bigod were arrested, convicted of treason and hanged
        • 50 Lincolnshire rebels and 130 northern rebels were executed, still a relatively small number considering the size of the rebel support
        • The rebellion thus remained entirely northern, though there was certainly sympathy in the south


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