3 presidents in 20s american history

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  • 3 republican presidents of 1920s
    • Warren Harding
      • wanted to return America to normalcy
      • wanted to stop changr that came with reform
      • wanted to stop relentless immigration, stop international connection
      • wants to return US as era of small gov + where presidents were just one branch of US gov
      • had hard time turning down requests, which made his administration a corrupt one (took bribes etc and was used a lot by friends etc)
        • teapot dome Scandal= accepting bribes at teapot dome to private oil companies so they'd profit
    • Calvin Coolidge
      • famous as doing very little as president
      • believed in small gov, hands off gov that didnt try and break down trusts/monopolies +let private interests/cooperations do their thing
    • Herbert Hoover
      • great administrator, beleived in business and industry working together but with limited role for gov


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