2.6 promotion

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  • 2.6 Methods of Promotion
    • Customer - word of mouth recommend-ation
      • Free and Trustworthy
      • Impossible to control
    • Website
      • Provides basic information
      • Can be used for e-commerce
      • Needs updated regularly
      • Needs to be easily found by search engine
    • Free Publicity eg celebrity opening shop
      • Local paper articles are free
      • Celebrity will charge for appearance
      • Business does not control the content - so the reporter can put a 'spin' on it!
    • Personal selling
      • Allows an individualised approach to selling to each customer
      • May be seen as a nuisance
      • Employing salespeople can be expensive
    • Direct mail
      • Once the letter or leaflet has been printed - hand delivery is cheap
      • Post delivery can be expensive
      • Often seen as junk mail and not read
      • Leaflets and direct mail have a low success rate
    • Banners and pop ups
      • Can target people
      • May be ignored
    • Advertising - Local paper
      • Sis of advert can be changed to suit budget.
      • Wide local audience reached
      • May not be well targeted
      • Paying for a large advert can be expensive


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