2.5 Proteins

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  • 2.5 Proteins
    • Bonds
      • Amino acids join by hydrolysis to form proteins; these bonds are called peptide bonds.
      • Hydrogen
        • Numerous but easily broken.
      • Ionic
        • Between different polypeptides, and are weaker than disulphide bonds. They are easily broken by changes in pH.
      • Disulphide
        • Very strong and difficult to break.
    • Protein Structure
      • Tertiary
        • Helixes and pleated sheets may form a 3D structure due to disulphide, ionic and hydrogen bonds
      • Secondary
        • Coiling or folding of proteins into helix' or pleated sheets due to hydrogen bonds forming
      • Quaternary
        • The final 3D structure of different polypeptide chains.
      • Primary
        • Order of amino acids in polypeptide sequence


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