2.5 Reviews of policies and procedures

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  • 2.5 Review of policies and procedures
    • reviewed regularly
      • reflect changes to legislation
      • to meet organisation's needs and wants
      • to meet individual's existing needs
      • the development of a new need
    • good practice to date and number once reviewed and updated
      • regularly reviewing these
      • planned review dates
      • how changes will be communicated
      • allows updated versions to be easily accessed
    • will only be effective if...
      • contain up-to-date information
      • reflect safe working practices
    • not complying with policies and procedures
      • serious consequences for employers, employees and organisation
      • employees
        • asked to attend further training
        • closer monitoring
        • supervision of their activities
        • face disciplinary action
      • organisations
        • liable to fines and closure
      • employers
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