2.4 the marketing mix pt2

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  • 2.4 how the marketing mix is used:
    • a judgement needs to be made to see the effectiveness of the marketing mix on a business and ask themselves: have sales increased? has stock been sold? has revenue increased? has profit increased?
    • interpretation of market data:
      • changes in demand: data shows if demand is rising or falling which can induce change to price, advertising, promotion or even introducing new products.
      • target market: who the customers are and what they want to decide design, how much to charge, advertising, location, promotion.
      • market share: the percentage of total sales in a market of the business and how its changing, to decide whether to change or maintain the current marketing mix,
      • product changes: will indicate if consumers want different products and if those competitors are more or less successful.
      • effect of promotion: how its affecting sales and profits to decide the effectiveness and make changes if necessary.


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