2.2.5 - Sawm

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  • 2.2.5 - Sawm
    • The effects of Sawm on the believer
      • Sins will be forgiven
      • Appreciate the need of others, greater willingness to help, thankful to Allah
      • Muttaqi = person fully obedient to others. Sawm helps this
      • Taqwa = the development of obedience to Allah
      • Spend extra time studying the Qur'an and praying
        • Increase sense of closeness
        • Understand faith better
        • Draws them together as a united community
    • Fasting during the month of Ramadam
    • Celebrates Muhammad's first revelation of the Qur'an on the Night of Power
    • No food or drink in daylight hours
    • Every Muslim who is able to should fast during Ramadam
    • Final 10 days are very important = when Night of Power occurred
      • Some take as holiday to focus on worship
    • Taraweeh = prayers said every night at the mosque during Ramadam, must aim to go during final 10 days
    • New moon indicates end of Ramadam / sawm. Celebrated with Id-Ul-Fitr [Festival of fast breaking]


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