2.2.1 Schema Theory

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  • PE 2.2.1- schema theory
    • suggests
      • core principles can be taken from existing motor programmes and then adapted from feedback from sensory system
    • is
      • a schema is the adaptation made to a motor programme
    • recall schema
      • 1. initial conditions
        • the recognition of information from the display
          • can be summed as as 'where am I?'
          • >e.g. location of the performer with regards to the other players
      • 2. response specifications
        • the information is assessed by the performer to find the available options in the situation
          • summed up as 'what do I need to do?'
          • >e.g. how far away the nearest player is and therefore how far the performer needs to pass the ball
    • Recognition schema
      • 3. sensory consequences
        • uses the senses to guide the movement by applying and controlling the movement to the situation
          • >e.g. when a longer pass is needed the arm action would be stronger and the grip firmer
          • >e.g. in basketball when dribbling the skill is controlled by the touch sense
      • 4. response outcome
        • when the motor programme is updated on whether the task was successful or not by getting knowledge of results
          • if successful the schema was successful
          • if it was not successful adjustments are made to the motor programme


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