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  • What Are EcoSystems?
    • Key Terms
      • Ecosystem: an area where living organisms and non-living elements interact with each other
      • Flora: another term for the plants in a ecosystem
      • Fauna: another term for the animals in an ecosystem
      • Abiotic: the non-living elements of an ecosystem
      • Interdependence: the reliance of every form of life on other living things and on the natural resources in its environment such as air, soil and water
    • Biotic
      • Animals including insects, birds and mammals
      • plants, including trees, grasses, mosses and algae which provide food and shelter for animals
      • Micro-organisms, such as fungi, which break down dead plants and animals, releasing nutrients into the ecosystem
      • Humans are also living parts of the ecosystem
    • abiotic
      • Sunshine and Rain, which are needed for photosynthesis- this is dependent on the weather and climate
      • Soils, whcih store water and carbon nutrients that plants can use
      • Rocks, which help in the formation of soils; weathering releases nutrients stored in rocks into the ecosystem


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