2.1. Religion and National Identity II

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  • 2.1. Religion and National Identity II
    • 7. Bond of Association (1584)
      • In event of Elizabeth's assassination
        • Signatories to hunt down killers (prob. including Mary, Queen of Scots)
        • Also, parliament to decide on choice of next monarch
        • Seeds of republicanism for sake of religion?
      • Seeds of Republicanism can be found in 'Bond of Association'
      • Elizabeth often threatened with assassination - people are sworn to hunt down killers
      • Parliament to decide next Monarch - not are monarchs are meant to work - seeds of Republicanism?
    • 8. More generally
      • Biblical image of monarch brings with it religious obligations, as well as privileges
      • Conflicts emerge when the correct 'Protestant' course of action contested, e.g.
        • Grindal and Elizabeth, or more dramatically
        • James I not entering 30 Years War
        • Charles I and concerns he is facilitating Catholicism
      • Monarch should always be promoting true religion but what is true religion?
      • Grindal not only clergyman to lecture Elizabeth
    • 9. Foreign Policy
      • Reasons of state or religiously shaped foreign policy?
      • European political scene?
        • France and Spain
          • An alliance with either can be advantageous
          • both rich and Catholic, often at odds
        • Dutch
          • Fellow Protestants, but a republic
          • Somewhat suspect politically
      • Marriages as a means of sealing alliances
    • 10. Foreign Policy Flashpoints and popular opposition
      • Case of Elizabeth's proposed French marriage with Duke of Anjou in 1580s
        • Prompts a critique, 'The Gaping Gulf'
        • She gets on with him, closest she got to marriage
        • Public outcry and hostility
      • James I also faces hostility for strategic marriages for his children
    • 11. Domestic Policy
      • Treatment of Catholics
      • Some toleration in practice or degrees of persecution?
        • Families will sometimes tolerate Catholic relatives
      • Warnings from the Old Testament
        • Old Testament full of idolaters
      • Protestant nationalism can provide a language and habit of political criticism
    • 12. Conclusion
      • Relationship between Protestantism and National identity full of unresolved tensions
      • A strong rhetoric in sermons and literature, but in practice more complicated for monarchs and subjects


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