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  • WW1
    • Causes
      • Imperialism
        • bigger empire=more money=jealously from other countries
        • country invading others
      • The Arms Race
        • to prove you're the best you attack others
        • make your army bigger and better than a neighbouring countries'
      • Alliances
        • alliances formed so other countries do not get too powerful
      • Kaiser Foreign Policy
        • have to attack others to expand Germany's empire
        • other countries would not want Germany to be powerful
      • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    • Trenches
      • food shortage
      • barbed wire, sandbags
      • simple basic design
      • Trench foot from being in mud and water
      • rats and lice
    • Soldiers
      • thought it would be fun
      • international
      • over the top method not effective
    • Officers
      • didn't do much
      • thought over the top method was good
      • set in their ways


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