20th century

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  • 20th Century Treatments
    • Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928 when he found its mould killing germs on a discarded and unclean petri dish. He did not have funding to do more
    • Florey and Chain discovered his articles on penicillin and created a pure penicillin in powder form. It worked on both mice and a dying policeman in 1940
    • The British and American government gave grants for penicillin production as it saved lives in World War Two and it was mass produced in 1943
    • Fleming, Florey and Chain were all awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945, but Fleming got most of the credit
    • Lots of new antibiotics and drugs have been created in the second half of the Twentieth Century and there is now better testing because Thalidomide was given to pregnant mothers in the 1960s which caused deformities in children
    • Superbugs are being created because of antibiotic overuse, meaning that diseases like TB are becoming immune. New diseases like AIDS and Ebola have no cures
    • Genetic engineering is seen as the next step, replacing damaged genes


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