World Food Crisis Causes

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  • 2008 World Food Crisis
    • INCREASING POP GROWTH- demand increases, food prices increase, less can afford.
    • BIOFUELS (sustainable solution to Global Warming) take land away from food farming. Grain used could feed 330M people. 1/4 US grain feeds cars.
    • NATURAL HAZARDS because of Climate Change- destroy crops, kill animals
      • US 2012 Drought- poor corn harvest. Decrease food security.
    • CORRUPTED GOVERNMENTS prevent food aid (UN feed ca. 50-100m /year)reaching most deprived.
    • CIVIL WARS imbalance of distribution of food.
    • FEEDING GRAIN TO ANIMALS- more meat in demand, less grain for consumption.
    • FOOD AS A STATUS SYMBOL Nutrition Transition- prices increase as demand for more expensive increases.
    • POOR INFRASTRUCTURE Cannot go to deprived areas/ takes too long & food goes off. Lack of STORAGE FACILITIES.
    • RISING CONSUMPTION NICs develop & pass through Nitrition Transition.
    • RISING OIL PRICES Higher cost transport- cost of food production
    • RISING INFLATION- value of currency decreases- cost of living increases- hunger.




Geography: Unit 1: Food supply.

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