1984 Context Part 2

Part 2 of context mindmaps for 1984. This mindmap covers Nazi Germany

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  • 1984 Context (Nazi Germany, NHS, Spanish Civil War)
    • Lebensborn Programme
      • Lead to a Nazi-Aryan race if ** soldiers had children with young women to produce offspring that is healthy, strong, and has blonde hair and blue eyes
    • Eugenics
      • Altering a person's physical features, such as giving them blue eye drops to look 'Aryan'
    • Gestapo
      • Secret Spies of the Nazi Party
        • The 'thoughtpolice' of 1984
    • Mass-Rallies
      • 'Nuremberg Rallies' as propagand-a events to support Hitler
        • The 'two-minutes hate'
    • Nazi Salute
      • Used to declare loyalty to the Nazi Party
        • Ingsoc's Slogans
    • Concentration Camps
      • Jewish people were rounded up and sent to Concentration Camps
        • Orwell was influenced by their torture in a similar way to Winston's torture in the novel
        • They were branded by numbers, forced to work in harsh conditions, and eventually killed by a 'gas shower'
    • Hitler Youth
      • Around 60% of German boys by 1935 but set up in 1933 to train children into becoming strong soldiers (men), whilst girls were taught domesticated skills
        • Links to the Junior Spies in 1984- the Parson kids report their father


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