1980s Context

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  • 1980s
    • Politics
      • The Berlin Wall
        • Separated East and West Berlin
        • Demolition began in 1989
        • Symbolised lack of freedom under Communism
        • People fed from East to West Berlin
      • Thatcher
        • 1979 - 1990 (resigned)
          • Resigned after losing a leadership contest to John Mayor
        • Stubborn with her cabinet
        • Favoured a free market (the government control less)
          • Eg trainlines, orginally government run so prices were low. She made them private and the prices began to rise
        • transferred power from the public sector to the private sector
        • traditional christian value
        • very patriotic - didn't like the EU
        • The Poll Tax - everyone paid the same taxes regardless of income
        • Russian's named her "The Iron Woman"
        • Stood up for the UK
      • Ronald Regan
        • Against Communism
    • Music
      • Sub genres of rock
        • Glam metal, alternative rock, synthpop
      • Madonna, Whitey Housten
        • Iconic female artists
      • Band Aid - Do They Know it's Christmas
        • Best selling song of 1980s
      • Live Aid
        • Raised funds for the Ethiopian Famine
          • Phil Collins, Queen, Elton John, Paul McCartney
    • Medecine
      • First surrogate pregnancy
        • Both baby and mum were physically healthy
      • First genetically modified crops
      • HIV/AIDS outbreak
        • Stereotyped as a gay disease
          • Biologically, gay men are more likely to transmit HIV
        • Not a lot of access to healthcare for gay men
        • 39 million deaths
    • Literature
      • Back to realism abandoned in 60s
      • Bold structures
        • Black american perspective
          • The Colour Purple - Alice Walker
      • The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood


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