was the period from 1980 to 1992 a turning point?

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  • 1980 - 1992
    • Regan opposed previous legislation
    • Administration 'colour blind'
      • Regan took the line that his administration was colour blind- an attemp to resist affirmative action. Appointed fewer blacks than any president since Eisenhower
    • Appointed fewer blacks than anyone since
    • Economic slow down
      • Lack of economic stability for Carter meant that he was unable to pass any civil rights legislations. Economic slowdown during Regan's administration meant there was a reduction in welfare payments which hit the black community hard.
    • Congress more liberal
    • Bush vetoed 1990 Civil Rights Bill
      • Bush vetoed a Civil Rights Bull which woud have made it easier to challenge job discrimination. Only 16.9% of his judicial appointments were from radical minorities
    • Eisenhower
  • Eisenhower


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