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  • 1970: Ted Heath won
    • In Place of Strife 1969 failed. Made it appear that LP was in the hands of the trade unions. Also made Conservative Party more likely to deal with trade union power
    • Devaluation (£) 1967 outraged the public especially when Wilson tried to save face with '£ in your pocket has not been devalued'
    • Relaxation of immigration + removal of grammar schools. Con more likely to deal with issues.
    • Untrustworthy and dishonest media image
    • Wilson government was wrought with economic complications
      • £400 million trade deficit (no tech. modernisation
        • Loans crippled UK economy
          • Country complacent and lagging behind other nations
    • Enoch Powell's speech converted Lab/Lib Powellites to vote for Con


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