1968 student movement

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  • 1968 Student protests (Kiesinger and the Grand Coalition.
    • Causes
      • The trial of 17 former Auschwitz Guards raised questions about the dealings of  Nazim (1963-1965).
        • Kiesinger was a former Nazi.
        • Young people blamed their parents for not doing enough
          • "What did you do in the war Daddy/"
        • Left wingers stated that the Grand coalition reflected a one party state and that the Emergency Law (1968) was very similar to the old system.
      • Shah of Iran Visting 1967 - Caused some disturbances due to the lack of Human rights in Iran.
      • Uni Grievances.
        • The Nucleus of the German student population was Berlin.
        • Outdated and cramped accomadation and facilties
        • Criticism regarding the old authoritarian rule within Unis.
      • Western intergration
        • The Vitenam War created concerns that Nuclear Weapons would be hosted on German soil.
    • Escalation of the Movement
      • The Liver sausage method was used to control the movement
      • Benno Ohnselorg was shot by a policeman.
        • 'First political murder in the FRG'
        • Became a Matyr for the cause.
          • The shooting of Red Rudi by a member of another gang made things worse.
    • Gov. Reaction
      • Long haired dropouts in need of a bath.
        • Lack of understanding.
      • When the Government used intervention they got blamed for being too violent when they took no action they got blamed for not doing enough.


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