1950s-60s Cultural Revolution

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  • Arthur Marwick, 'The Sixties'
    • Post WW2
    • Culture= opportunities and freedoms available to the majority of the population
    • Culture= attitudes to, and rights of, social groups previously at a disadvantage
    • 1950s-60s Cultural Revolution
      • Context
        • Key features of 50s were overshadow-ed by changes of 60s
        • Cultural revolution began late 50s and ended early 70s (oil crisis?)
        • Increases in spending power/cultural privileges of previously under-privileged groups e.g. w/c youths
        • American dress becomes popular e.g. Levis Jeans
        • Growing economic power of young people
          • Consumption: music, record players, cinema tickets, cosmetics
      • Richard Hoggart, 'The Uses of Literacy' 1958
        • Youth mindlessly assumed that everything new was good
        • Mythology of the 'teenage gang'- 'shiny barbarism'
        • Milk bars= popular hangouts- most customers males aged 15-20
          • Mostly American records played
        • Compares this 'alien' way of life with traditional w/c culture
      • Subcultures
  • Book: Colin McInnes, 'Absolute Beginners'


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