1950 Outbreak of the Korean War

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  • 1950 Outbreak of the Korean War
    • The Spring 1948 election poll suggested that 73% of Americans believed Truman to be soft on communism
    • After WW2 ended, Japan surrendered and America would ally with North Korea whilst the Soviet Union allied with South Korea
      • Leader of North Korea= Kim II Sung
      • Leader of South Korea= Syngman Rhee
    • In June, North Korea attacked South Korea
    • Truman had been influenced by NSC 68 where the Soviet Union wanted to dominate Eastern Europe
    • Czechoslovakia had fallen
    • Truman felt that North Korea was testing the United Nations as they needed to demonstrate solidarity
    • During the 1950s, there were growing concerns for America
      • Fuch was found to be a Soviet spy
      • McCarthyism
      • Republican attacks
    • Significance
      • 36,914 Americans died
      • Containment seemed to have worked
      • North Korea was saved
      • Asia now central to the Cold War
      • America had now been inspired to support financial issues
      • Dramatic increase in defence spending
      • Truman failed to replace MacArthur
      • Truman is now unable to convince Congress to support him


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