1945 Election Evaluation

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  • 1945 election
    • Attlee + his strengths
      • Labour more likely to deliver 'New Britain' - attitudes wanted social reform
      • Labour most likely to implement/ endorse welfare state..
        • Beveridge Report 1942
        • NHS 1948
        • 'Free Universal' Health Care
      • Manifesto was for progressive change
        • "Let us face the future"
      • During Churchill's hero phase (1940) - labours were supporters + security
      • Loyal servers in war (labour leaders)
      • Herbert Morrison (labour MP) gained household name for air raid shelter
      • Promised economic control (like USSR)
      • Labour propaganda better - links to popular mood and to PEOPLE
      • USED CHURCHILLS WEAKNESS - painted conservatives as bad guys from devils decade
        • Labour propaganda better - links to popular mood and to PEOPLE
      • "Churchill won the war, now we're going to win the peace"
        • suggests more government support to those who need it.
    • Churchill + his weaknesses
      • skeptical that key reforms publicly wanted would not happen
      • High unemployment returns because of post-war
        • People's old attitudes of 'devil's decade' 1930s high unemployment remained
          • (conservatives failed them)
            • Turned to labour for help! (working class party)
      • People's attitudes different from conservatives (didn't like war attittude
        • fed up of war
        • wanted new Britain
      • Churchill wasn't fully supporting conservative (seen as isolated figure)
        • early career liberal
        • not popular
      • Made agressive campaigns (scare tactics)
        • compared Labour to 'NAZI GESTAPO'
      • Proved superhuman in 1940 - became redundant/ wore off by 1945
      • Put war before politics
      • Rumours of planning war against Russians
      • War was Churchill's only real interest/ talent (was way out of his depth)
      • Party relied on Churchill's 'War Hero Success' as a way to gain power... propaganda!
    • Propaganda
      • Conservative
        • Negative, Focussed on CHURCHILL, War based ideologies
      • Labour
        • Positive, Focussed on post-war situations, Focussed on PEOPLE


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