Was the period from 1941-1945 a turning point for Native Americans

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  • 1941 - 1945
    • Growing self - awareness - 1944 NCAI formed (influenced by the NAACP)
      • The National Congress of American Indians was founded in 1944 which worked through the courts to campaign against things like discrimination and the breaking of treaties. It showed the first signs of unified protest
    • 25,000 served in armed forced in WW2
      • During the Second World War, more than 100k indians left reservations to serve in the armed forces. More than 75k went to urban areas to work.
    • Driven back to reservations
      • Returning Indian soldiers had to go back to reservations because of discrimination and could not take advantage of educational opportunities given to white veterans after the war for jobs.
    • On reservations = Hardship


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