Rise of the Nazis - 1920s, disaster?

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  • 1920s, disaster for the Nazis?
    • Success
      • Hitler as a leader was a success
        • Brilliant public speaker
        • Performed very well at his trial
          • Attracted media
          • Only got a 9 month sentence although treason carries the death penalty
        • Even when he changed tactics and abandoned violence his party followed
      • Well organised
        • Trained it's members to speak well in public
        • Organised itself to attract to particular groups
          • Business men
          • Farmers
          • Youth
            • Formed the Nazi youth movement
      • Membership doubled between 1924-1928 to over 100,000
    • Disaster
      • Tactics didn't seem successful
        • In 1923 Hitler tried a violent takeover which failed
          • Hitler was arrested and the party was banned for a year
        • Winning power through elections didn't work either
          • In 1928 the Nazi party only got 2.4% of the vote
      • People weren't interested in what the Nazis had to offer
        • Mein Kampf did not sell well at all
        • Nobody was voting for them
        • As Germany recovered and people had jobs no one wanted to vote for extremist parties


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