Harding 1921-1923

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  • Harding 1921-1923
    • Scandals
      • Chewed tobacco in public but wife stopped this.
      • Smoked
      • Booze parties in White House
      • Gambled
    • "A return to Normalcy"
      • Return to  Conservative  principles
      • Slogan
      • High tariffs, low taxation. Anti-immigration & isolationism
    • Mr 'Nice Guy' & 'Mr Nobody'
      • Historian "If you lined up all the Presidents in order of importance, Harding would be at the end"
      • Wrote personal hand-written response
      • Genuine guy
      • Shook hands of 1/4 million American people
      • "Man of limited talents"
      • described as "Not a bag man, just a slob"
    • Early Death
      • Died in Office
      • Coolidge ascended
      • Called his wife the DUCHESS
        • Wife relied on astrologist
        • Theory wife killed him as astrologist predicted Harding would "power quickly & die suddenly"


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