The Rise of Hitler

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  • 1919 - Hitler joined the Nazi Party (German Workers' Party)
    • 1920 - Leader (Anton Drexter) renamed itself the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis)
      • 1921 - Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party
        • November 1923 - The Munich Putsch occurred
          • May 1924 - The Nazi party won 32 seats in the Reichstag
            • Hitler then set up a network of local Nazi parties
            • 1925 - Hitler enlarged the SA
              • Also created the **
                • Josef Goebbels was appointed to take charge of Nazi propaganda
              • 1929 - The American Stock Market crashed and began the Great Depression
                • 1932 - Hitler runs for president and lost by six million votes
                  • January 1933 - Hitler is offered the position of Chancellor
                    • February 1933 - Reichstag burns down
                      • June 1933 - The Night of the Long Knives
                        • SA became subordinate to the **
                        • August 1934 - Hindenburg Dies
                          • Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany
                      • Emergency decree allows the Nazis to arrest Communists, break up meetings and frighten voters
                        • Enabling Act basically made Hitler the dictator of Germany
          • Hitler took over the local government of  Barvaria
            • He was not supported, but got off very lightly and was given only five years in prison, but only served nine months
              • Wrote Mein Kampf while he was in prison
        • Also set up the SA


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