1918 Germany

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  • 1918 Revolution
    • When/Where
      • Began in Kiel
      • On the 28th October 1918
    • What Happened?
      • Navy Chiefs ordered warships in Kiel harbour to fight for control of the channel
      • The sailors refused to fight and were arrested
      • Soldiers and sailors led protests and set up soviet to run the town
      • Troops sent in to stop the protests joined in
    • Abdication
      • 9th November 1918
      • Kaiser forced to abdicate because his army could no longer support him
    • Democratic Government
      • Germany asked the allies for peace, because they were facing harsh winter conditions.
        • They were also forced to retreat on the battle front as a result of their allies deciding to stop fighting.
      • Allies were prepared to make peace with Germany if the Kaiser agreed to a more democratic government


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