The 1902 Balfour Act to the 1926 Hadow Report

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  • 1902 Balfour Act - 1926 Hadow Report
    • The Balfour Education Act (1902)
      • legislated development of secondary and grammar schools
      • Free place system
        • For few gifted but poor children, scholarships enabling them to attend grammar schools
          • Government finally acknowledging class divide
      • replaced school boards with LEAs
        • LEA = Local Education Authority
      • result of the explansion of USA and Europe
        • Put pressure on UK
    • Elementary Code (1904)
      • stressed conduct and discipline
        • Only had a minor emphasis on subject knowledge
    • World War One (1914 - 1918)
      • Lead to Fisher Act
      • Hightened many acute problems in existance already
      • Strained development of education
        • due to economic circumstances following war.
    • The Fisher Act (1918)
      • rasied school leaving age to 14
      • included provision of medical inspections in school
      • made employing children under 12 illegal
    • Hadow Report (1926)
      • made 38 recommendations
      • suggested new form of leaving exam should be developed
      • suggested education should be split into 2 parts
    • The Education Act (1906)
      • gave local authorities power to provide free school meals
      • rsponse to high infant mortality
        • and too many young men being deemed unfit for service in Boer War
          • Interdepartmental committe found that 1 third of children malnourished in 1903


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