1900s - present medicine

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  • 1900s - present
    • individuals
      • fleming
        • 1928 first discovered penicillin by chance wrote articles about it but did nothing with it
      • florey and chain
        • use penicillin on mice
        • U.S fund them during WW2 as they see it's benefits
        • factors that led to the penicillin development
          • Government – British government funded Florey’s research, U.S. government funded mass production.
          • Technology – microscopes and bacteria growing mediums
          • Scientific experiment – testing on mice.
          • Individuals – Florey and Chain were skilled scientists supported by a skilled team of researchers
          • War – the growing casualties of World War Two added to the urgency to mass produce penicillin.
          • Chance – Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by chance in 1928.
    • public health
      • soldiers promised good housing when they returned for the war (ww1) this got rid of bad housing
      • due to the war .
        • Poverty – evacuation took children out of urban areas. Highlighted contrast between rich and poor.
        • Hygiene – government posters education people about health and hygiene
        • Diet – rationing improved some people’s diet, government encouraged healthy eating.
      • NHS 1948
        • Beveridge Report in 1942
        • National Insurance act 1911 was introduced to pay for the NHS.


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