18th and 19th century medicine

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  • 18th and 19th century medicine
    • changes in diseases and illnesss
      • Vaccinations- vaccinations were made compulsory from 1946-63 which reduced the amount of people with diseases
      • the streets were cleaned up and hygine improved because of the government
    • pasteur
      • Koch- He extracted this bacterium from a sheep which had died of anthrax, grew it and injected a mouse with it. The mouse developed the disease as well.
      • He came up with Germ Theory but it was only related why food went bad instead of how it links to diseases
      • 1928-discovered microbes
    • Hospital care and nightingale
      • Nightingale was a nurse during the crimean war where she learnt the importance of hygine
        • she wrote a book about nursing and how to prevent making a disease or illness qorse
    • Lister and simpson
      • Simpson and his friends were releasing different gases and accidentally discovered chloroform knocks you out
    • Edward Jenner
      • he injected 8 year old James Phipps with cow pox and then inoculated small pox into the same boy and he didn't get it.
      • he waas eager to srtop the pain and suffering of children
    • John Snow
      • he discovered that cholera originated in the broad street pump and was spread by water but no one believed him for a while


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