1848 Public Health Act

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  • 1848 Public Health Act
    • A General Board of Health was set up
    • local boards of health empowered to monitor sewers, drains, wells etc.
      • could finance projects with rates
    • but it didn't apply to everywhere
      • Like London or Scotland
    • Act had to apply to areas with 23 dead per 1000 living
    • the act wasn't compulsory or medical inspectors appointed until 1875
    • little opposition because people needed it
    • local authorities had powers to control sewage and drains etc
    • only 400,000 people in Lancashire out of their 2.5 million population were under PH authority
    • vested interests still strong
    • sanitary engineering expensive
    • by 1853, almost 300 petitions for the PH act to be implemented in towns


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