1800-1900's medicine

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  • 1800-1900's
    • Louis Pasteur
      • Published germ theory in 1861
        • Carried out experiments to show bacteria makes milk go off. People weren't convinced until 1864
      • In 1800's discovered how vaccinations worked... developed vaccines for chicken cholera and anthrax
      • Edward Jenner in 1798 proved vaccinations prevented people catching small pox, however didn't understand why
    • Robert Koch
      • Developed methods that helped scientists identify what bacteria caused different diseases
      • Descovered the disease that casue tubercolisis
    • Paul Ehrlich
      • In 1901he developed a chemical cure('magic bullet') which destroyed the bacteria that casued syphillis
    • Flemming, Florey and Chain
      • Develeoped the fist antibiotic, penicillin
      • In 1928 Alexander Flemming made the discovery
        • Florey and Chain developed the idea into a medical treatment


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