1642-46- Why Charles Failed

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  • 1642-46
    • Parliament
      • Financial administration under Pym effective in raising funds e.g. forced loans and sequestration
      • London provided man power, money, propaganda, ports, induustry etc.
      • Local administration gave power to Parliament supporters. 'Club man' movement supported Parl. Hutton- locals defeated Charles
      • The monopoly over Navy cut off Charles supplies and provided Parl. with strongholds.
    • Charles
      • Military wins at Bristol, 1643, overshadowed by defeats at Naseby, 1645
      • Effective administration at Oxford w/ Pym had limited influence, Charles was bad Commander in Chief (Cust) Also failed to take London and get resources
      • Generals disagreed; Henrietta Maria and Pym, Rupert and Digby. Also Maurice and Rupert were not trusted by public
      • Charles and relationship with Catholics provoked fears of Absolutism and crypto-Catholicism. Truce w/ IRish rebels (1643) and letters to Pope.


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