1.6 Information formats

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  • 1.6 Information formats
    • Web pages
      • Information on internet comes in many different formats
      • Fundamental information formats on the internet
    • Blogs
      • Originally personal web pages
        • Originally online diaries
      • Recent rise in blogs
        • Now being used by organisations
    • Podcasts
      • Can be a sound file or sound and video
      • Convenient
    • Streamed audio and video
      • Youtube is a video source
      • Spotify is a music audio service
    • Social media channels
      • Sites such as twitter, facebook
      • Stores information
      • Huge source of data used for marketing purposes
    • Document stores
      • New feature on the internet
      • Cloud storage
    • RSS feeds
      • Small amount of information relevant for a few moments
        • May be advert


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