15.1 Language and Identity

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  • Identity
    • Les Parrot
      • Teen Idenity
      • Contributory factors
        • through forbidden behaviours
          • e.g. smoking, drinking
        • through rebellion
          • separates them from adults but gains acceptance of their peers
        • through idols
          • e.g. celebrities may become role models for teenagers
        • through cliquish exclusion
          • teens exclude those who, they believe, have unacceptable or unattractive characteristics
      • Professor of Psychology at Seattle Pacific University
    • Joanna Thornborrow (2004)
      • language can be used to establish an identity and shape people's views of who we are
        • specific lexical choices
        • variations in phonology
    • Labov (1961)
      • Martha's Vineyard
        • Locals need to retain a social identity
          • interviewed 69 people from different social groups
            • asked speciifc questions to encourage the use of dipthongs
              • found that hotel owners and other established businesses (migrants) subconsciously adapted their language and identity to sound like the common fishermen, and distinct from tourists.
        • Dawn Island (East) filled with toruists
        • Up Island (West) had original inhabitants and fishermen
    • something that is created by individual characteristics, thus creating a personal identity. it can also be linked to a particular social group  with similar characteristics


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