1.2 Is there agreement about what 'being British' means?

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  • 1.2 Is there agreement about what being British means?
    • British citizenship status
      • Former colony countries
        • Before 1960's, most British colonies were given the right to adopt British citizenship
      • British Overseas territories Citizenship
        • People living in these existing territories have full British citizenship rights
      • Dual citizenship
        • People that leave Britain and are adopted by another nation can still maintain their British citizenship
      • British citizen
        • Automatic full citizenship rights
      • British citizens and citizenship of the EU
        • EU citizens have the right to travel, work, and live, vote, stand for election and be protected by law anywhere in the EU
    • becoming  a British citizen
      • Descent
        • Born outside the UK but has a British parent becomes a British citizen as long as their parent didn't acquire citizenship by descent.
      • Adoption
        • Adopted by a British citizen becomes a British citizen on the day of adoption order
      • Registration
        • Born in the UK that is not registered for British citizenship can qualify for citizenship at ten years of age if they have not spent more than 90 days a year outside of the UK.
      • Born in UK
        • Born in the UK, and their parents are married, and at least one of their parents is a British citizen
      • Naturalisation
        • Lived in Britain for five years
        • Complete an application form and pay approximately £150
        • Complete a language and knowledge test
        • Attend a citizenship ceremony
        • show understanding of English culture


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