1.2.8 - The role of the church in the wider world

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  • 1.2.8 - The role of the Church in the wider world
    • Introduction
      • Creating C unity - reunite C's from diff denominations / bring C's
      • 1948 - WCC was set up
        • B J is saviour + want to bring glory to his name, enables them to work together
        • Focus on 3 areas:
          • To seek visible unity
          • To promote common witness
          • To engage in C service
    • Ecumenical communities
      • 3 examples of communities are;
        • Taize [France] - community where dialogue and friendship between Protestant + Catholic
        • Iona [Scotland] - works for peace and social justice, rebuilding community + renewal of worship
        • Corrymeela [N. Ireland] - encourage good relations between Protestant and Catholic
    • Churches Together movement
      • Encourages churches to work together - strength relationship - nurture new believers - help those in need + fight injustice
    • The persecuted church
      • Open Doors estimates 100mil C's persecuted today
      • Evangelise / converting can cause offence - leads to conflict
      • Despite this, lead missionary-driven lives. Eg. increase in C's in Iran
      • Support persecuted Church - Eg. Barnabas Fund - bring hope to people being persecuted
        • Publicise cases of persecuted C's. Work inc. petitions, campaigns and constant prayer
    • The work of Christian aid agencies
      • Cafod - RCC agency, bring hope to those in poor communitites
      • Christian Aid - works to get rid of poverty, aim to put J's message of love / compassion into action
    • The work of Tearfund
      • Works to remove poverty - help / change / improve lives of local communities
      • Eg. Cajamarca, Peru - teach women / kids to read / write, devlop skills to make / sell items, help farmers cope with climate change / give seeds, respond when disasters strike - help grow in C faith


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