1.2.7 - Mission

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  • 1.2.7 - Mission
    • Introduction
      • 1991 - World Council of Churches [WCC]
        • Goal of conversion - helping people come to a person come to a personal faith in God
        • Goal of reconciliation - working to see the C message
      • Missio Dei = God's activity / mission
      • Include: starting up new churches, meeting, talking and sharing views
    • The meaning and significance of evangelism in the modern church
      • Build genuine relationships with others
      • Salvation Army - 'save souls, grow saints and serve a suffering humanity'
      • Make J known, through both its actions and message, persuade people to become C's
    • The growth of new forms of Church
      • Lots of new forms of church in late 1960s
      • Churches have grown, retain importance of small group
      • In home groups: pray, study B, invite friends,
      • All members can take part when spirit of God leads them to speak or meet


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