1.2.4 - The role and importance of pilgrimage to Christians

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  • 1.2.4 - The role and importance of pilgrimage to Christians
    • Introduction
      • Part of a person's spiritual journey
      • Physical journey with religious significance
      • Spend focus time, energy and thought on God
      • Brings closer to God
      • More aware of need for God
      • Can have deeply spiritual impact
      • Experience a great sense of awe and wonder
    • Lourdes
      • 1858 - France - 14 year old Bernadette had series of visions of God
      • Spring appeared, water appears to have healing powers
      • Mainly RCC - travel to pray for healing [sometimes spiritual]
      • Feel their faith and relationship with God is strengthened and restored
    • Jerusalem
      • Jesus lived near end of life and resurrection
      • Helps the Bible come to life - reflect more deeply on faith
      • Easter - may walk Via Dolorosa - where J walked to crucifixions
      • Church of the Holy Sepulchre - built over J's tomb
    • Walsingham
      • Small village in Norfolk
      • Lady of the Manor had vision of Mary - site became a shrine
      • Many miracles take place at the shrine
      • Everyday Eucharist, evening prayers for pilgrims
      • Statue of Mary / milk from M's breasts - focal points for pilgrims
    • Rome
      • Vatican - Home of RCC
      • Largest C church built above remains of St Peter
      • Myth: Peter had vision of J, follow J and be crucified
      • Home of the Pope - take part in a mass


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