1.2.3 - Prayer

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  • 1.2.3 - Prayer
    • Prayer in congregational worship
      • Ways they are led:
        • Led by 1 person, or several. Take part in set responses
        • Listen to prayers and confirm agreement ["amen"]
        • Anyone can stand and pray aloud
      • Set prayers/liturgical worship help express thankfulness, confession, requests to God. Hard to find words so set prayers help
      • More informal helps give freedom to relate to God in a uniquely individual way. More intimate way of engaging in 'conversation' with God
    • The Lord's Prayer
      • J taught followers how to pray by giving them the Lord's Prayer
      • Need to remember when praying:
        • Confession of wrong
        • Thanksgiving
        • Adoration
        • Supplication: Asking God for help in prayer
    • Individual prayer and private worship
      • Silent reflection, being still and calm and considering what they b God is saying to them
      • Helps develop a close and personal relationship with God. Often pray for people they know or charitable work
      • Aware of how God is working in their lives - respond to him with personal thanks or praise
      • Might seek God's encouragement for issues that aren't relevant to everyone
    • Types of Prayer - see other mindmap


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