1.2 Types of information storage media

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  • 1.2 Types of information storage media
    • Paper
      • traditional form includes forms, handwritten notes, maps and telephone directories
      • Easily damaged when handled, costs a lot to transport
      • Hard to keep secure
    • Optical media
      • Key uses is for software distribution
      • Better known as music and film storage formats
      • Written and read by laser
    • Magnetic Media
      • Data can be stored on external hard drives
        • Also be stored on tapes
      • Also be stored on tapes
      • Frequently used for backup/ archiving
    • Solid State media
      • Stores data and information in circuitry
    • Characteristics
      • Mutability (change the content of a storage medium)
      • Robustness
      • Access to data
      • Cost
      • Storage capacity


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