1.2. Timeline/summary of A Protestant Nation

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  • 1.2. Timeline/summary of A Protestant Nation
    • 1. Elizabeth.
      • Protestant
      • Rules for 45 years
      • Followed on from ardent Catholic, Mary
      • Managed the legacy of Catholicism (main challenge)
        • Many people still alive who would have remembered a country shaped by Catholicism
      • 1530s Reformation within living memory
      • International threats/domestic plots against Elizabeth
      • Being at war with Spain
    • 2. James I & VI
      • Experienced King of Scotland
      • Start of Stuart dynasty
      • Smoother transition
      • A Scottish, Protestant King (union of England and Scotland) - important a Protestant inherited country
      • Balancing puritans and Catholics
      • Subjects don't remember Catholic England when he comes to throne - England been Protestant for a few decades now
      • Growth in popular politics
        • Part of changes in culture
      • Brings England and Scotland together in a permanent manner
    • 3. Charles I
      • Comes to thrown in 1625
      • Smooth succession - clear he would succeed James I, he was Prince of Wales
      • Anti-puritanism
      • Re-evaluation English Protestantism
      • Laudianism
        • Named after Arch-Bishop William Laud
        • Distinctive way of English people looking at their past
        • First time people look at Reformation as historical event
      • Lead-up to Civil War


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