1.2 Potential impacts of hazards for individuals who require care or support, employees and employers

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  • 1.2 Potential impacts of hazards for individuals who require care and support, employees and employers
    • Injury or harm
      • may be harmed
        • if environmental hazards have not been identified
      • chemical hazards
        • can cause injuries and harm
          • not wearing protective clothing when cleaning
    • Illness
      • biological and psychological hazards can cause life-threatening and long-term illnesses
        • used dressings need to be safely disposed of
        • not cleaning correctly may lead to the spread of infection
      • psychological hazards have a potential impact on everyone
        • likely to make mistakes when carrying out working practices when tired
        • individuals may receive poor or even unsafe level of care
    • Poor standards of care
      • unsafe working conditions and working practices
        • hazards not being identified
        • lack of hand-washing facilities
          • bad personal hygiene
            • MRSA spread
      • impact on standards of care and support
      • poor communication within team or with individuals
        • lack of regular supervision
      • not following reporting procedures
        • trip and slip hazards
          • cause injuries and harm
    • Financial loss
      • hazards have a devastating effect on employers/ organisations
        • lack of effective security
          • theft of personal belongings
      • when a hazard results in injury
        • family bring a lawsuit against the organisation
          • having to pay for costs in relation to court fees and compensation


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