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  • Daily Health Checks.
    • Posture and movement visual checks.
      • Check if the animal is waling properly, if not then look into it, this could be for a variety of reasons.
      • Behaviour and temperament checks.
        • Signs of illness in dogs and cats.
          • Signs of aggression, bared teeth, showing the whites of eyes, whimpering or cowering, fear or stress.
        • Signs of stress in dogs and cats.
          • Panting, salivating, shedding of fur/coat, excessive lip licking, hiding and avoiding eye contact, low body posture, sweating from paws.
        • Signs of ill health in rabbits.
          • Animal withdrawing from the group, lethargy (tiredness), being unresponsive to sound or touch.
        • Signs of stress in rabbits.
          • Enlarged eyes, showing whites of eyes, tense body posture, ears laid back to body, growling or squeaking, rapid breathing, flinching when touched.
        • Signs of illness in goats.
          • Lethargy (Tiredness), loss of appetite, excessive vocalisation, withdrawal away the rest of the herd.
        • Signs of stress in a goat.
          • Increased butting, increased bleating, pawing at the ground/ stomping of hooves, withdrawal from the flock, loss of appetite.
        • Normal behaviour In chickens..
          • Moving around, scratching, dust bathing, feeding frequently, responsive actions to surroundings, inquisitive actions.
        • Signs of illness in chickens.
          • Tiredness, loss of appetite, excessive vocalisation. withdrawing from the flock.
        • Signs of stress in a bearded dragon.
          • loss of appetite, lower levels of activity or lethargy, erratic shredding of skin, increased aggression.
        • Signs of illness in bearded dragons.
          • Mouth gaping open (over heating), changed in behaviour from calm to very aggressive.
        • Signs of stress in chickens.
          • Increased vocalisation, pacing, loss of appetite.
    • Behaviour and visual temperament checks.
      • check how to animal is acting around others, if everything is fine, move on, if not then look into it.
    • Normal behaviour in animals.
      • Dogs/cats
        • Alert behaviour, responding to sounds, with minimal fear.
      • Goats
        • Moving around while grazing or chewing the cud and being responsive.
      • Chickens
        • Moving around, scratching at the ground, dust bathing, feeding frequently, responsive to surroundings, being inquisitive.
      • Rabbits
        • Responsive to sound and surroundings.
      • Bearded Dragon
        • Responsive to movements, basking under heat lamp, moving around enclose (finding a right temperature), if not moving around may be coiled up in their hide.


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