Restless Earth

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  • 1.1 The Restless Earth
    • Volcanoes
      • Iceland Eyjafjallajökull 2010
        • The Primary Effects on people and the economy Sparsley populated near volcanoes, so zero deaths and injuries - like most eruptions in Iceland there were 800 familys that were evacuated during the eruption, worst travel disruption ever recorded due tot the second phase of the eruption (48% of all flights disrupted over a period of 8 days
        • The Secondary Effects on people and the economy Iceland is one of the richest countries in the world(14th) due to volcano activity - heats the wate Geothermally (for free). "Volcano tourism" has increased, however, there is a cost of readying ffarms and farmlan due to the ash cover.
      • Monserrat, Caribbean 1995 -1997
        • The primary effects on people and the economy  Large areas were covered in volcanic ash (the capital city PLYMOUTH was buried under 12m of ash and mud). 66% of the island homes were destroyed. 19 people died and 7 injured. Vegetation and farmland was destroyed so more people unemployed/hungry
        • The secondary effects on people and teh economy. Fires destroyed many bulidings. tourists stayed away so it disrupted


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