1.1 The end of the First World War; background to the treaty of versailles

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  • Aspects of International relations
    • Effects of the first world war
      • Europe deved from 4 years of war
      • Belgium, France in ruins
      • Millions of soldiers dead
      • German  &  Austria government collapsed, defeated and exhausted
      • Britain & France almost bankrupt, USA in strongest postition
    • Mood in 1919
      • Many felt Germany was at fault and should pay reparations
      • No fighting on British soil
      • Most Families lost close relative
      • Most Germans treated Russians harshly in the Treaty Of Brest-Litovsk March 1918
      • Germans did not believe was all their fault.
    • Paris Peace conference
      • Palace of Versailles, outskirts of Paris
      • Lasted 12 months 1919-1920
      • 32 Nations should have been invited, the defeated weren't.
      • Treaty of Versailles was most important of the 5 treaties
      • President Wilson (USA), Prime Minister Llyod George (Great Britain) and Prim Minister Clemenceau (France) made all the decisions
      • Leaders didn't get on well, relations worsened.
      • Woodrow Wilson was very ill during the time


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