1.1 The Six Beliefs

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  • 1.1 The Six Beliefs
    • Sunni and Shia Split
      • Sunni Muslims accepted Abu Bakr, who was known as the first rightly guided Khalifah, as the leader after Muhammad died
        • The Six Sunni Beliefs
          • Belief in Allah: most important
          • Belief in the angels of Allah: angels (malikah) are heavenly and created by Allah to perform various tasks
          • Belief in the books of Allah: Allah's messages are contained in the holy texts known as kutubullah (books of Allah)
          • Belief in the messengers of Allah: messengers/ prophets are chosen by Allah to guide people. There have been 124,000
          • Belief in the day of Judgement: the Qur'an teaches that one day the world will end and people will go to Jannah or Jahannam
          • Belief in the decree of Allah: Muslims believe in al- Quadr, also known as taqdir. Allah has supreme power but gives us free will and only interferes if he wishes to
      • Shia Muslims believed Ali should have been the leader because they believe all Muslims should be Ahl al-bayt
    • How are the six beliefs impacting communities today?
      • Muslims recognise Allah as the creator and express gratitude through prayer
      • Muslims respect Malikah and when they end their prayers they turn their heads to each side and say "peace be upon you" to other people they are praying next to and angels
      • Muslims study the kutubullah and some mosques read other religious books to improve understanding of other religions
      • Muslims are taught about and named after prophets so they can learn from their example
      • Belief in the day of Judgement reminds Muslims of their limited time on earth and inevitable meeting with Allah
      • Al- Qadr teaches Muslims to accept God's word. Many ask for a blessing on a special night called 'Laylat al- Quadr' or 'Night of the Power'
    • The six beliefs, mentioned in the Kitab al- Imam, Hadith form the foundation of Sunni principles. By following them, Sunni Muslims believe they are on the right path and will please Allah.


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