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  • 1.1 systems architecture
    • Von Neumann Architecture
      • MAR (Memory Address Register)
        • Receives a memory address from the PC sending it along the address bus to the correct location in memory
      • MDR (Memory Data Reister
        • the instructions and data sent along the data bus and is stored in the MDR
      • Program Counter
        • points to the next instruction in memory, copies its value to the MAR, INCREMENTS BY ONE
      • Accumulator
        • When the instruction is executed the results are stored here. It holds a running total
      • CPU
        • A CPU is the part of the computer that completes the processing it fetches and executes instructions
    • Common CPU components and their functions
      • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
        • Performs any maths and logic calculations
      • CU (Control Unit)
        • Provides control signals so data goes to the place it is supposed to. Controls the clock speed
      • Cache
    • How common characteristics of CPUs affect their performance
      • Clock Speed
        • The number of fetch execute cycles per second measured in HZ
      • Cache Size
        • Contains commonly used instructions. Super Fast Memory located on the CPU itself.
      • Number of Cores
        • The more cores the more instructions can be processed at once
    • Embedded System
      • Purpose of embedded systems
        • A computer that is fully contained within the device it controls
      • Examples of Embedded systems
        • Examples include a Microwave, Plane, Washing machine


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