1.1 planetary geology definitions

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  • 1.1 planetary geolgy
    • the solar system
      • the solar system is the sun, planets, their moons, comets and asteroids
    • the sun
      • the sun is a star  of composed hydrogen and helium. it is the largest object in the solar system and contains more than 99.8% of the total mass.
    • a planet
      • a planet is a sizable object orbiting a star
    • a moon
      • a moon is a natural satellite orbiting a planet
    • asteroid
      • asteroids are rocky objects which failed to form a planet
    • meteorites
      • meteorites are fragments of rock, which fall to earth from spacw
    • comet
      • a comet is composed of ice and dust. the outer layer melts into water vapor as it gets closer to the sun


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